I would not have built Mechwarrior Online Lobby if it were not for Mecharrior 3. Without a doubt, Mechwarrior 3 was the best and most addicting gaming experience I have had, more so than  Ultima Online in 1998 and the first six months of World of Warcraft after its launch. Some might say Mechwarrior 3 was just a shooter and a laggy mess and they might even have had a point. But it was not just the game that made the experience great, it was the community, the people I met, the relationships I built - there was a real sense of community and teamwork that no other game has recreated to my knowledge.

Jump ahead 12 years later to Mechwarrior Online. Now I won't lie, I have had a lot of fun playing Mechwarrior Online. It's a great game with a lot of potential and I've played 1200 games since the beginning of Open Beta. However, after many hours of terrorizing other mechs I realized something was missing from the Mechwarrior experience. What was missing was the ability to interact and organize with the Mechwarrior community. Without a lobby system Mechwarrior Online feels like fast food Mechwarrior. I can play many more games with their matchmaker than I could have with the Zone lobby but the trade off is that there is absolutely no sense of community, little to no communication, and a faceless mass of pilots that I will never get to interact with except for a brief 7-10 minutes.

On December 15, 2012 I decided to change that and started coding the Mechwarrior Online Lobby using my CMS, Revenant Blue, paired with Node.js. What you see today is the result of that work. My goal from here on out is to continue to build and improve the lobby while trying to integrate it programmatically into Mechwarrior Online as much as possible. I do not plan on stopping with just a working lobby. I plan on integrating league play, stat tracking, and maybe one day organized drops into the game.

If you are old enough to remember the MS Gaming Zone I hope this site brings back memories. If you are not familiar with the MS Gaming Zone then I hope to achieve what its progenitor did by building a dedicated community that will last for years to come.