Need a Few Good Mods

MWO Lobby is run by one person and that one person is known to like blowing up mechs with his free time. That means my time is short and moderating a real time lobby 24/7, while it might seem like fun, would make me homeless or put me in an early grave, probably both.

I am looking for a few brave men and women who want to help moderate the lobby and site. These positions are not paid and are volunteer only. As a moderator you are responsible for creating a positive atmosphere throughout the site and you will be given the tools to accomplish this task.

A brief interview will be required for all applicants, I will not accept any random person and I would hate to pick an admin who throws their weight around and gives the site a bad name so be prepared for grilling questions like "Why is France recolonzing Africa?" and "How many manatees are left on the planet?".

League Formation and Integrattion

I want to directly integrate a league into the lobby software. Now I could one man this operation but I would rather have the community involved in this aspect as I would like to create a league that people want to use and that works well with Mechwarrior Online and the lobby.

Windows Programmers

While a functional, real time lobby is nice I would like to integrate this service directly with Mechwarrior Online. The problem is I'm not well versed in these things and would like some guidance or help in this area. If you have ideas or are interested in helping with this matter let me know.

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