Written By: Ten

Oct 17 2014

I've decided to rebuild the entire lobby architecture from the ground up. The new lobby will be built with ReactJS using the Flux architecture to make the lobby as a completely reusable software. I broke ground on it a little more than a week ago and progress is moving swiftly.

I reached an impasse with my current coding style where maintainability, DOM integrity and extensibility were becoming serious issues. When I first built the lobby in late 2012 single page application architecture and frameworks were in their infancy so I opted to instead 'roll my own'. While I still consider the code base solid and usable all components are heavily coupled and extending the current functionality has resulted in more headaches than I consider necessary to endure.

I do not have an ETA on this rebuild but it will be accomplished at some point in the future. Whether or not the lobby will still be used for Mechwarrior Online remains to be seen. The biggest gift I can give to the people who missed the MSN Gaming Zone is to create an entirely reusable, customizable and extensible lobby framework that can be open sourced and propagated throughout the internet so other projects can use it for their games or projects.

It looks like I forgot to make a news posting announcing the start of the lobby league. Better late than never I guess.

The lobby league is live!

After nearly two months of development the lobby and its league are ready to go. The lobby league's first cycle will run from July 1st to August 15th. Unfortunately it has been a bumpy start thanks to some nasty bugs that decided to remain hidden until the league was in production mode. I really want to thank all the true believers who have stuck with the lobby while I hammered away at the numerous issues plaguing the server.. I'm glad to see MWO still has a hardcore fanbase that are dedicated enough to stick with a third party service even when it's totally broken.

Let's hope we can finally move forward with making the lobby ladder league a success now that we have endured the worst of the bugs. If you notice any issues with the lobby or the league please let me know either in the comments here or in the lobby itself.

I hope to see you and your unit in the lobby soon. Thanks again everyone for all the support.

Written By: Ten

Jul 03 2014

The lobby will be down for an hour or two to fix a critical bug that causes league reporting to break and for the server to stop receiving new connections. An hour or two is a hypothetical ETA hopefully it doesn't take longer than that.

Written By: Ten

Jun 25 2014

The league is only a few patches away from going live. The tentative start date is July 1st pending the occurance of any bugs I feel are too crippling to fix mid stride. Please take this time to tell your units about the lobby and its league and spread the word around the community if you can. Thanks!

Version 1.1.5 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug where a team commander from Team 2 that wasn't apart of a league unit would show the wrong commander name after they attempt to initiate the bidding phase of a league match.
  • Fixed a bug where a user would show twice in a room's info box.
  • Fixed broken W7 bidding
  • Changed bid display to match the actual bidding options for easier reading and faster ocular parsing and comparison of the bid.
  • Hovering over a bidded item in the 'Current Bid' window will now show the description of the bid.
  • Unit names shown on all match lists will no longer show their winner and loser colors (green and red) while a match is still in progress.
  • Match detail now shows the stylized bids instead of the bid description.
  • Fixed a bug where a bid made in a room were you in would show in any new room that you joined.
  • Fixed a bug where the old bid wouldn't clear out when creating a new bid.
  • Fixed a bug where match reporting and confirmation wouldn't display in real time in some match listings but not for others.
  • Fixed a bug where win percentages in the “Watch Bid” dialog were not rounded correctly
  • Fixed a bug in team score calculations where teams were not given points for the opposing team's size.
  • Unit scores are now shown in the match detail so you know how many points you scored for that match.
  • Users can now leave their unit if they are rank 9 or lower.
  • The leave unit button now functions correctly for all users rank 9 or lower.


Written By: Ten

Jun 21 2014

The Mechwarrior Online Lobby Ladder League will start on July 1st, please try to spread the word online so we can make this launch as successful as possible. Although this patch does not fix all issues with the league it brings it one step closer to being launch ready. More updates will come later this weekend in a more rapid succession.

Mechwarrior Online Lobby Version 1.1

  • Fixed bug where a user that created a new unit wouldn't have their rank value calculated correctly without refreshing the lobby.
  • Fixed a bug where a team commander without a unit tag would show a 'null' before their username.
  • Fixed a bug where match confirmation status wouldn't update in real time without closing the 'My Unit' dialog and reopening it.
  • Match detail now has its own separate dialog instead of being built into the 'My Unit' interface
  • League Mode is now on by default, if another league wishes to use the lobby I will switch the league mode back to 'off' for default. But for now I feel that keeping it off by default is making the league functionality harder to access.
  • Win percentages now show as percentages instead of decimals.
  • You can now access a unit's roster through the unit directory by clicking on the number of users next to the unit name. From here you can also pull up ALL matches played by that user regardless of their current or previous unit affiliations.
  • When a duplicate disconnection occurs it will no longer show two disconnect messages for the same user in the main chat.
  • Timestamps will now display correctly on private messages
  • Small changes to lobby/room text color for better readability
  • The lobby now will show a Message of the Day to a user upon login.
  • Current Standings tiers are now working correctly.
  • Illegal mechs will now be shown so you don't have to guess the outcome.
  • Limited error checking has been implented for match reporting to prevent basic mistakes. This will be expanded in the future.

The final phase of the lobby league is live and ready for testing bringing MWO Lobby to version 1.0. It has been a long road getting to this point and the time investment for me to make this happen has been significant. There are still some smaller features missing from the league as well as a few cumbersome UI elements that I want to improve but the main functionality of the league should be working without bugs for better or worse.


Version 1.0 Changelog

- Two new room buttons 'Watch Bid' and 'Ready'. Watch bid will bring up the current room bid and you can either spectate or participate (if you are a team leader) in the bidding process.

- League matches are started when both teams have a Team Leader and they both click the Ready button. The Ready buttons should be clicked when both teams have all of the the users for the game assigned to their proper teams.

- Once everyone has joined their respective team both leaders hit the Ready button at this time the Attacker is calculated automatically and their bid options will be enabled to start the bidding process.

- There are 4 turns in the bidding process, to keep track of when the bid changes keep an eye out for the flashing blue/red color. Please see the league rules for a more defined description of the bidding process.

- Matches go live once the first bid has been placed.

- After the bidding process ends the 'Report Match' button will be available to all users. Please decide which user or team is responsible for reporting. The same match can be reported multiple times without problem however.

- The team that reports the match cannot confirm the match and vice-versa.

- Only users that participated in a match can report or confirm or it.

- Matches can be viewed under the 'My Unit' drop down menu for your unit as well as for individual users.

- Matches have three stages (in progress, pending, and confirmed).

- Match reporting includes an image upload for after match screenshots. Please try to upload these images as it ensures that every match happened AND that the match reported correctly reflects what occurred in game.

- User and unit points are not calculated unit the match has been confirmed.

- A new league match can be started by one of the team leaders reclicking their 'Ready' button. There's no need to close your room out and come back in or something equally annoying.

- Unit progress can be viewed from the Current Standings menu option which can be found in the 'League' drop down.

- Player progress will show in the league profile after each confirmed match



Phase 3 took a little longer than I expected due to unforeseen time constraints. Work has begun on phase 4 and it's currently about 15% complete. I'm hoping to have phase 4 ready for testing by Sunday but more realistically it probably won't land until Tuesday/Wednesday of next week.

- League Profile now shows you all league related information for your account.

- League Profile has a Mech Bay tab that will let you view and/or sell any mechs that you have purchased.

- League store added, each user gets 4 free mechs to start out with, after that you will need to acquire cbills by playing league matches.

- User/Unit Browser lets you find users and units to view their league information.

- Units can be searched by tag or name.

- Units and users needs at least 2 characters typed before triggering an autocomplete dropdown.

- All league dialog windows now have resizing options enabled.

- Switching your unit's affiliation now works correctly and in real time.

- Rank values now show next to each rank level

- Rank 9 unit members can now edit the unit's profile without receiving a warning.

- You no longer need to fill out an application to build your league account. Your league account will be built automatically the first time you login to the lobby.

- Added win/loss tracking to the league profile stats page.

- Fixed a bug where the auto reconnect option wouldn't save when it was changed in the lobby.

Written By: Tenbatsu

May 21 2014

Well, the release of phase 2 of the lobby league couldn't have gone any worse. Fear not though, it is finally here and it's ready for some heavy testing. Please see the changelog for all changes


MWO Lobby Version 0.8.4

- New 'Join Unit' feature will let you apply to any unit of your choosing. Joining a unit will create a real time application that will be sent to the unit leaders if they are online. Even if neither of the unit leaders are online the application will be available to them when they login.

- New 'Create Unit' feature will let you setup your unit for league play. The form is simple and even includes a unit image upload ability. The user that creates the unit will be made the unit leader by default.

- New 'Unit Manager' feature, aka the bane of my existence, will let you manage the unit's roster, profile, and pending applications. The unit roster can be manipulated by clicking on specific user tiles and placing them in a rank group. Empty spots are populated first, the user tile will not be placed in the spot you select. Unit applications are received in real time and will make the 'Applications' tab flash when new applications have arrived. You can view applications by checking one and hitting the 'View Applications' button

- Fixed a bug that was causing a gradual server memory leak and making the lobby take way more RAM than it should. Lobby performance should be greatly increased due to this fix.

- Fixed a bug with Auto Reconnect creating an endless loop between two machines. Now, the machine that was disconnected due to a duplicate connection will not try to reconnect.

- Changed the chat from tables to divs, fewer elements means more line and less worry about memory leaks.

- Fixed a bug with the 'Auto Reconnect' toggle not showing the correct value in the lobby and on the main site. If you haven't done so please check your 'Auto Reconnect' setting under Options under the user drop down to make sure it's set the way you want.

Written By: Tenbatsu

May 17 2014

The lobby will be down for several hours tonight while I fix bugs and drop phase 2 of the lobby league. I apologize for any inconvenience.

-- Update
I made a solid attempt at getting phase 2 in a production ready condition but I've fallen just short of where I want to be with it so the down time will extend into Monday. /sigh

 -- Update2

Now we're onto Tuesday, the lobby is 95% stable right now and phase 2 looks to be working properly all the way around but I'm going to hold it back for now just to be sure. The lobby will be back online on Tuesday no matter what.

-- Update3

Back online by Tuesday no matter what eh? Well that didn't quite work out as planned. But the lobby is up and phase 2 of the lobby league is ready for testing.

Written By: Tenbatsu

May 09 2014

The lobby will be down for awhile today, maybe a few hours depending on how things go. I have several upgrades I have to make to other projects and applications running on my VPS and I've been putting it off for awhile.

Version 0.8.0 is the initial release of the lobby league which should take me to version 1.0 when it's all said and done.

The first phase contains the team manager that will be used to sort teams in the room and allow users to take command of teams. Also included is the league drop down menu and the 'league mode' toggle under 'Options' that will allow users to toggle on or off league features.

There are many small changes and bugfixes included in this update. One small bugfix to note is that the Auto Reconnect feature will no longer try to reconnect to the lobby while you're not logged in. The rest of them are mostly stylistic changes and small JS fixes.

Hopefully the lobby will be up in a few hours, perhaps by 6am EST depending on how everything goes.