May 21 2014

Well, the release of phase 2 of the lobby league couldn't have gone any worse. Fear not though, it is finally here and it's ready for some heavy testing. Please see the changelog for all changes


MWO Lobby Version 0.8.4

- New 'Join Unit' feature will let you apply to any unit of your choosing. Joining a unit will create a real time application that will be sent to the unit leaders if they are online. Even if neither of the unit leaders are online the application will be available to them when they login.

- New 'Create Unit' feature will let you setup your unit for league play. The form is simple and even includes a unit image upload ability. The user that creates the unit will be made the unit leader by default.

- New 'Unit Manager' feature, aka the bane of my existence, will let you manage the unit's roster, profile, and pending applications. The unit roster can be manipulated by clicking on specific user tiles and placing them in a rank group. Empty spots are populated first, the user tile will not be placed in the spot you select. Unit applications are received in real time and will make the 'Applications' tab flash when new applications have arrived. You can view applications by checking one and hitting the 'View Applications' button

- Fixed a bug that was causing a gradual server memory leak and making the lobby take way more RAM than it should. Lobby performance should be greatly increased due to this fix.

- Fixed a bug with Auto Reconnect creating an endless loop between two machines. Now, the machine that was disconnected due to a duplicate connection will not try to reconnect.

- Changed the chat from tables to divs, fewer elements means more line and less worry about memory leaks.

- Fixed a bug with the 'Auto Reconnect' toggle not showing the correct value in the lobby and on the main site. If you haven't done so please check your 'Auto Reconnect' setting under Options under the user drop down to make sure it's set the way you want.



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