Jun 14 2014

The final phase of the lobby league is live and ready for testing bringing MWO Lobby to version 1.0. It has been a long road getting to this point and the time investment for me to make this happen has been significant. There are still some smaller features missing from the league as well as a few cumbersome UI elements that I want to improve but the main functionality of the league should be working without bugs for better or worse.


Version 1.0 Changelog

- Two new room buttons 'Watch Bid' and 'Ready'. Watch bid will bring up the current room bid and you can either spectate or participate (if you are a team leader) in the bidding process.

- League matches are started when both teams have a Team Leader and they both click the Ready button. The Ready buttons should be clicked when both teams have all of the the users for the game assigned to their proper teams.

- Once everyone has joined their respective team both leaders hit the Ready button at this time the Attacker is calculated automatically and their bid options will be enabled to start the bidding process.

- There are 4 turns in the bidding process, to keep track of when the bid changes keep an eye out for the flashing blue/red color. Please see the league rules for a more defined description of the bidding process.

- Matches go live once the first bid has been placed.

- After the bidding process ends the 'Report Match' button will be available to all users. Please decide which user or team is responsible for reporting. The same match can be reported multiple times without problem however.

- The team that reports the match cannot confirm the match and vice-versa.

- Only users that participated in a match can report or confirm or it.

- Matches can be viewed under the 'My Unit' drop down menu for your unit as well as for individual users.

- Matches have three stages (in progress, pending, and confirmed).

- Match reporting includes an image upload for after match screenshots. Please try to upload these images as it ensures that every match happened AND that the match reported correctly reflects what occurred in game.

- User and unit points are not calculated unit the match has been confirmed.

- A new league match can be started by one of the team leaders reclicking their 'Ready' button. There's no need to close your room out and come back in or something equally annoying.

- Unit progress can be viewed from the Current Standings menu option which can be found in the 'League' drop down.

- Player progress will show in the league profile after each confirmed match





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