Written By: Tenbatsu
May 17 2014

The lobby will be down for several hours tonight while I fix bugs and drop phase 2 of the lobby league. I apologize for any inconvenience.

-- Update
I made a solid attempt at getting phase 2 in a production ready condition but I've fallen just short of where I want to be with it so the down time will extend into Monday. /sigh

 -- Update2

Now we're onto Tuesday, the lobby is 95% stable right now and phase 2 looks to be working properly all the way around but I'm going to hold it back for now just to be sure. The lobby will be back online on Tuesday no matter what.

-- Update3

Back online by Tuesday no matter what eh? Well that didn't quite work out as planned. But the lobby is up and phase 2 of the lobby league is ready for testing.

Tenbatsu 5 years ago
Unfortunately I've reached my limit for the night. Of course the lobby is in an awkward stage where it would be too much of a pain to roll back changes and bring it back up. So down it will remain until tomorrow.
good luck : ) looking forward to it !
ok Ten keep up the good work :)
Tenbatsu 5 years ago
The lobby might not make it up until late tonight EST. Sorry about the delay but it will be worth it once everything is ready again.
Thanks for the update =)
Thanks for the heads up and good luck!
no problem, you are doing your best : ) cant wait to see mwolobby online again ! and thx for the update
BrainFlush 5 years ago
Damn buddy. Hope you get it worked out. Take your time. No rush IMO.
Darthspoke 5 years ago
Don't let it beat you, Ten! I know you got this.
Don't worry, MWO is broken atm, take your time!
Tenbatsu 5 years ago
I'm back in business, for now at least. Thanks for the encouragement everybody.


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