May 29 2014

Phase 3 took a little longer than I expected due to unforeseen time constraints. Work has begun on phase 4 and it's currently about 15% complete. I'm hoping to have phase 4 ready for testing by Sunday but more realistically it probably won't land until Tuesday/Wednesday of next week.

- League Profile now shows you all league related information for your account.

- League Profile has a Mech Bay tab that will let you view and/or sell any mechs that you have purchased.

- League store added, each user gets 4 free mechs to start out with, after that you will need to acquire cbills by playing league matches.

- User/Unit Browser lets you find users and units to view their league information.

- Units can be searched by tag or name.

- Units and users needs at least 2 characters typed before triggering an autocomplete dropdown.

- All league dialog windows now have resizing options enabled.

- Switching your unit's affiliation now works correctly and in real time.

- Rank values now show next to each rank level

- Rank 9 unit members can now edit the unit's profile without receiving a warning.

- You no longer need to fill out an application to build your league account. Your league account will be built automatically the first time you login to the lobby.

- Added win/loss tracking to the league profile stats page.

- Fixed a bug where the auto reconnect option wouldn't save when it was changed in the lobby.



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