Written By: Ten
Jun 21 2014

The Mechwarrior Online Lobby Ladder League will start on July 1st, please try to spread the word online so we can make this launch as successful as possible. Although this patch does not fix all issues with the league it brings it one step closer to being launch ready. More updates will come later this weekend in a more rapid succession.

Mechwarrior Online Lobby Version 1.1

  • Fixed bug where a user that created a new unit wouldn't have their rank value calculated correctly without refreshing the lobby.
  • Fixed a bug where a team commander without a unit tag would show a 'null' before their username.
  • Fixed a bug where match confirmation status wouldn't update in real time without closing the 'My Unit' dialog and reopening it.
  • Match detail now has its own separate dialog instead of being built into the 'My Unit' interface
  • League Mode is now on by default, if another league wishes to use the lobby I will switch the league mode back to 'off' for default. But for now I feel that keeping it off by default is making the league functionality harder to access.
  • Win percentages now show as percentages instead of decimals.
  • You can now access a unit's roster through the unit directory by clicking on the number of users next to the unit name. From here you can also pull up ALL matches played by that user regardless of their current or previous unit affiliations.
  • When a duplicate disconnection occurs it will no longer show two disconnect messages for the same user in the main chat.
  • Timestamps will now display correctly on private messages
  • Small changes to lobby/room text color for better readability
  • The lobby now will show a Message of the Day to a user upon login.
  • Current Standings tiers are now working correctly.
  • Illegal mechs will now be shown so you don't have to guess the outcome.
  • Limited error checking has been implented for match reporting to prevent basic mistakes. This will be expanded in the future.


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