Written By: Ten
Jun 25 2014

The league is only a few patches away from going live. The tentative start date is July 1st pending the occurance of any bugs I feel are too crippling to fix mid stride. Please take this time to tell your units about the lobby and its league and spread the word around the community if you can. Thanks!

Version 1.1.5 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug where a team commander from Team 2 that wasn't apart of a league unit would show the wrong commander name after they attempt to initiate the bidding phase of a league match.
  • Fixed a bug where a user would show twice in a room's info box.
  • Fixed broken W7 bidding
  • Changed bid display to match the actual bidding options for easier reading and faster ocular parsing and comparison of the bid.
  • Hovering over a bidded item in the 'Current Bid' window will now show the description of the bid.
  • Unit names shown on all match lists will no longer show their winner and loser colors (green and red) while a match is still in progress.
  • Match detail now shows the stylized bids instead of the bid description.
  • Fixed a bug where a bid made in a room were you in would show in any new room that you joined.
  • Fixed a bug where the old bid wouldn't clear out when creating a new bid.
  • Fixed a bug where match reporting and confirmation wouldn't display in real time in some match listings but not for others.
  • Fixed a bug where win percentages in the “Watch Bid” dialog were not rounded correctly
  • Fixed a bug in team score calculations where teams were not given points for the opposing team's size.
  • Unit scores are now shown in the match detail so you know how many points you scored for that match.
  • Users can now leave their unit if they are rank 9 or lower.
  • The leave unit button now functions correctly for all users rank 9 or lower.




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