Written By: Tenbatsu

May 04 2014

Updates to the lobby will be slow for the next few weeks because my main focus at the moment is building a league that will be integrated directly into the lobby software. I will still be adding bug fixes and small feature additions but any large updates will be put on hold until the league is ready for action.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Apr 28 2014

Unfortunately I wasn't able to add everything I had been working on into this update but I think what I have added will be enough features to keep people interested on opening day. I will make another attempt at finishing the team manager tomorrow. Anyway, here's the changelog.

MWO Lobby Version 0.7.0 Changelog

- Spaces now allowed in usernames

- Unit tags now show when entering and leaving the lobby and rooms.

- URLs now linkify in room descriptions

- TS3 links now linkify in lobby chat, room chat, and room descriptions

- Auto Reconnect option now available in the profile will attempt to reconnect to the lobby every 30 seconds after disconnecting from it.

- You can now view the room description while inside of a room

- Main site profile page now matches the one found in the lobby

- Send Message' quick action now set for the room host

- Moderator 'room empty' command will now remove ghost users as well

- Removed the 60 character limit on room titles.

- Fixed an exploit that would let a malicious user disconnect rooms by manipulating javascript variables.

- Fixed issue where community drop down would be covered up by dialog windows including the room dialog.

- Fixed issue where long room titles would overlap the room controls when room was minimized

- Fixed issue where offline friends wouldn't show as online when they connected to the lobby.

- Fixed issue where a user would disconnect from a room twice when kicked from a room.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Apr 23 2014

The server is back online.

Version 0.6.11

- Fixed an issue that would cause the server to crash and leak memory after recovering

- Added TLS/SSL security to the main site and lobby

- Unit tags now show for friends that are offline

- Changing your unit tag will trigger a resort of the user lists

- New entries to the community dropdown

Written By: Tenbatsu

Apr 23 2014

The server will be down for at least an hour to fix two issues that cause the server to crash and run out of memory as well as setting up an SSL certificate for the main site and the lobby.

Will update this post when the server is online.

Installing an SSL Certificate on a Node server with Socket.io is a real pain in the ass. Might be another hour until the server is back up. Shooting for a 1am EST up time.

Server should be up and secure now.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Apr 20 2014

Version 0.6.5

- Added community panel to main menu

- Added friends list unit tag display and sorting by unit tag.

- Increased room title height.

- Global Moderation notification system installed

- Moderation actions will be reported to the main lobby chat

- Fixed bug with moderator friends returning to looking list when defriended.

- Fixed bug where when another user changed their unit tag it would not resort the lists making their name out of place.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Apr 18 2014

First I want to thank the people that have donated recently to keep the server up and running.

Official acknowledgment and recognition for donors is something I haven't built yet but I will be getting to in the near future. Do not fear, your support will not be forgotten and you will be shown some value for value once I finish polishing the lobby a bit more.

As mentioned on the donation page, all donations will go towards my hosting fees and nothing else.

Thanks again!

Written By: Tenbatsu

Apr 17 2014


- Sorting takes into consideration unit tags.

- Banning will now also kick the player from the lobby.

- Ignoring/Unignoring should now be functioning properly.

- Removed delay time from profanity filter where you could see filtered words briefly.

- Profanity filter now defaulted to on

- Long user names will no longer wrap around breaking the layout of the user list.

- You can no longer join full rooms.

- Unit tags now show up in chat and in room chat.

- Chat layout changed so one long name won't break the readability of the chat.

- Launched room will now show “Game in Progress†for for newly connected users.

- Audio notification options for private messages and minimized rooms

- Timestamps now show at the top of private messages

- Separate group for moderators on the user list.

- Detect and generate links in the lobby/room chats and in the rooms as well.

My host had a fluctuating connection that caused a lobby disconnect and server crash.

I will be using this opportunity to update the server and lobby.

The lobby will be down for an hour and won't return until 1:30am 2:00am 2:30am 3:00am EST.

I hope to see you all back in the lobby soon.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Apr 13 2014

The server is currently down. Please have patience while I implement some new features, bug fixes and updates.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Mar 20 2014

I have had a few people e-mail me recently expressing interest in the lobby. This news post will address some of the issues that have been brought up in these messages.

The big question that I have received is, "Is Mechwarrior Online Lobby still active?". The answer to that is 'not really'. The sparse logs that I keep show a few people show up every week and log out soon after because the lobby is empty. This has been going on since last year and so far that pattern hasn't changed. With the recent new interest in the lobby that could possibly change however.

I have also had two people express interest in wanting to help either code or moderate the site. For this I am thankful and I hope these collaborations bring more people on board. 12Bravo will be the first official Moderator of MWO Lobby starting today and Nonreflectiv will be helping to add some functionality to the site.

Honestly, I had forgotten about this lobby and had written it off as another one my failed ideas but if you guys want to make this thing big then I will do what is needed to keep the lobby up to date and fresh with new features and content.

The more people that use this lobby the more you will fuel my productivity towards making it better. Hell, I might even start playing MWO again if we can get the lobby filled.

Its success has always been up to you. I'm a programmer, not a marketer, I wanted to make a replica of the Microsoft Gaming Zone and to that extent I think I have succeeded. Whether or not this final push works out, Mechwarrior Online Lobby will at least be a monument to the MS Gaming Zone and its simple yet engrossing functionality that could build communities and bring gamers together.

On that note, the bugs with the site have been fixed to my knowledge and the lobby has a little bit of new paint on it so give it a try and spread the word.

Thanks again everyone!