Written By: Tenbatsu

Jul 26 2013

Thanks to Starmax and a few other dedicated Zone vets out there that have caused a mini mwolobby renaissance to happen.

I want to reassure and reaffirm a few things to new members. You do NOT need to use your MWO account information to make an account here. All passwords are hashed and cannot be reproduced by me or anyone who somehow hacks my server and grabs the database. I'm anti facebook and twitter because these companies have no respect for users' privacy. I am the exact opposite of websites like these. Expect all of your data to be locked down to the point where even I cannot access it.

The source code for the lobby will be open sourced some time in August. I'm still working on some documentation and adding some more features but when it's released you can all go through the source and see for yourself. Until then enjoy the mwolobby and spread the word  to help recreate the Zone atmosphere that made the older mech games into the unforgettable classics that they are today.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Jul 03 2013

The engine for the Mechwarrior Online Lobby will be open sourced this month as part of the Revenant Blue content management system. Pending release date for the entire package is late July or early August.

Thanks to all who tried it out and the few that still show up from time to time.

Keep an eye on http://www.revenantblue.com for more information.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Feb 19 2013

Just like that PGI destroys that ability for the community to run any type of league or tournament system.

Well I'm going  to hang it up for now. The lobby will remain open for those who want to use it.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Feb 18 2013

It seems the lobby is a bust without another draw. I suspected as much but sometimes you have to learn the hard way. We have 30 users signed up but with an empty lobby no one stays online and logs out soon after.

The only possible solution that could make the lobby successful is to integrate a league directly into it. Right now MWO does not open itself that well to competitive play but there are so few 8 mans running around that it can still be done. I'm not sure quite how it will be executed but for now I can at least build the necessary structures for any league system. The details will have to be ironed out at a later date. If you want to assist with this let me know, I could use help thinking out the more advanced features.

If this fails I will open source the lobby software and help other indie game developers integrate a real time lobby system into their game. It would be a shame to see this go to waste.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Feb 13 2013

Thanks to Mourningzero, MechBunny, and Mech_Wrench for pointing out the errors with the registration form in chrome and the bug that occurred when switching room hosts.

Both bugs are fixed as of now.

Today was the semi-official start of the MWO Lobby. It was not a roaring success but not as much of an epic failure as it could have been. We had almost 300 unique visitors but only 15 signups. Half of the users that came were using chrome and could not register. Just another day in the wonderful world of web development. Come back please!

Rome wasn't built in a day so I'm not giving up yet. I will do my best to make this a place people want to come to and use.

Written By: Tenbatsu

Feb 01 2013

The Mechwarrior Online Lobby is live! For now ... don't fail me now node server! Feel free to test it out or use it as you would normally. I know there are bugs but it's too much of a task for me to test it all myself or with one other person. So go ahead and trash it around a bit while there are no mods - or moderating tools for that matter!

I plan on doing a lot more than just a lobby with this site, I have outlined some of my ideas in the other sections of the website and I am looking for others to help with these tasks. If you are intersted in helping out with this project you can send me a message through the form from the Get Involved page.

There should be a few updates this weekend including some basic mod tools and some further optmizations to speed things up.If you find bugs just drop a line in the comments and I will take care of them as soon as possible.