Written By: Ten
Oct 17 2014

I've decided to rebuild the entire lobby architecture from the ground up. The new lobby will be built with ReactJS using the Flux architecture to make the lobby as a completely reusable software. I broke ground on it a little more than a week ago and progress is moving swiftly.

I reached an impasse with my current coding style where maintainability, DOM integrity and extensibility were becoming serious issues. When I first built the lobby in late 2012 single page application architecture and frameworks were in their infancy so I opted to instead 'roll my own'. While I still consider the code base solid and usable all components are heavily coupled and extending the current functionality has resulted in more headaches than I consider necessary to endure.

I do not have an ETA on this rebuild but it will be accomplished at some point in the future. Whether or not the lobby will still be used for Mechwarrior Online remains to be seen. The biggest gift I can give to the people who missed the MSN Gaming Zone is to create an entirely reusable, customizable and extensible lobby framework that can be open sourced and propagated throughout the internet so other projects can use it for their games or projects.

lobby look good sir. Pilots! please go to the NGNG forum or any other MWO forum, and petition to have "Waypoint Commands" incentivized with CBill's. And winning Commanders rewarded for putting his units in successful positions on the battle field. In my opinion this will improve Cogent Mech play in all battles scenarios. Here is another idea, If we use Consumable and WIN your battle, Consumables used don't count against your CBills


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