Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Terms

By using MWO Lobby you implicitly agree to treat all users of this site cordially and respectfully. Failure to comply with this term can lead to a temporary ban and/or account termination.

Intentionally flooding the lobby will not be tolerated. A user will be warned by the moderation after the first incident. Failure to stop flooding after this warning will lead to a restricting chat abilities and possible removal from the lobby.

Intentionally abusing or attempting to subvert the infrastructure of this website will result in an immediate, irrevocable, permenant ban.

2. Disclaimer

MWO Lobby is not responsible for any physical, mental, virtual, or monetary loss resulting from the use its software.

MWO Lobby is also not responsible for any damage incurred from external links appearing throughout the site.

3. Updates to Terms

All updates to the TOS will be made public through a new posting and system wide e-mail alert.